Skin Cancer Gallery - Before & After Dr Lederman's Radiosurgery

Decades of Successful Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in America. 3 million+ each year- 1 in 5 will get skin cancer – 10,000 diagnosed daily. Basal cell cancer has increased by 150% & squamous cell by 250%.

Basal & squamous are most common & curable. 10,000 die yearly of melanoma & 5,000 die from non-melanoma skin cancers.

Causes include sun & UV exposure, fair skin & hair & prior skin cancers. Skin cancers are often thought preventable by avoiding tanning beds & sun’s rays. Protective clothing & sunscreen should decrease cancers.

Warning signs: changes in shape, size or color of skin lesion, new or non-healing growth. Self & MD examination is important.

Dr Lederman has an extensive experience treating skin cancers over decades. There are competing treatments. Many patients seem never to be told about non-invasive options by their MD’s until meeting Dr L! We’ve included many examples in this booklet showing before & after photos. For anyone with skin cancer, it’s best to meet Dr Lederman.

Man with 2 large basal cell cancers. Diagnosed years before & refused radical deforming MOH’s surgery. Instead just wore a hat & shirt to cover his cancers. His father had 3 skin cancers & was treated here successfully years ago.

He was motivated by his father’s words & treatment results. Pictures show it all. The invasive cancers are gone with prescribed, designed & delivered by Dr Lederman.

Extensive nose MOH’s required skull bone graft & resulted in blindness when man couldn’t close eye anymore! So sad.

Massive skin cancer, much larger than ear, she chose Dr L’s treatment resulting in complete cancer disappearance!

Saw Dr L after unsuccessful MOH’s surgery with recurrent cancer. Dr L’s treatment
successful! Happy now!

Learned all options with Dr L. Chose invisible beams to attack her cancer. Excellent medical & cosmetic results!

2 with same diagnosis. 2 different treatments. 2 different results! Surgery is removal of a body part. Dr L uses invisible beams to
attack the cancer, not removing tissue. A big difference!

What a difference to learn about all treatment options! 2 (on left) were only told about MOH’S surgery & were deformed. In contrast man (on right) happily learned about Dr L’s treatment. He’s fine!

This gentleman had basal cell cancer near his right ear. He declined MOH’S radical surgery & chose Dr L’s non-invasive, invisible beams. Few treatments later the cancer was gone and the patient was very happy!

Nose basal cell cancer recurrent after surgery. MOH’s didn’t work. Refused more surgery or amputation. Treated by Dr L – PATIENT SAID “BEST THING I EVER DID IN MY LIFE! ” Beautiful resolution of a thick, bulky, recurrent cancer.

84 year old woman with right hand squamous cell cancer invading from top to bottom of her hand. The deformity was massive & debilitating. Surgeons proposed amputation of nearly half of her hand.

Fortuitously, a surgeon suggested she visit Dr L for a fresh 2nd opinion. Dr L proposed non-invasive invisible beam treatment. The rest is history.

Man had 20 skin cancers including lip basal cell cancer. Had unsuccessful surgery. He refused deforming & debilitating MOH’s. Chose Dr L’s treatment. In remission & happy!

Man with basal cell cancer declined surgery after learning about Dr L. Quickly the cancer resolved. Patient happy!

Woman has many melanomas on arm – no treatment options elsewhere. Learned about Dr L. Happily doing well!

Squamous nose cancer. Declined MOH’s radical
surgery. She did not want deforming radical facial surgery. Referred to Dr L by friend. Told all options & chose Dr L’s non-invasive treatment. Very happy about results!

Ear being destroyed by cancer. Patient declined surgery & surgical deformity. After Dr L cancer is gone. Able to save patient’s ear with no cutting/bleeding! The patient is very happy!

Many come for a fresh 2nd opinion when dermatologist offers only surgery. High success rates here treating skin cancers with invisible beams most anywhere.

Woman with ear basal cell cancer, biopsied at super NYC hospital & offered ear removal or nothing. Family discovered Dr L & she chose his successful treatment… She has her ear. Cancer IS GONE! SHE’S HAPPY!

Basal cell nose cancer. Surgeons recommended nose
amputation! Patient smelled a rat & refused. Found Dr L & was treated. Years later in remission & happy!

Metastatic squamous cell skin cancer to armpit. Declined radical surgery/chemo. After Dr L’s invisible beam treatment, cancer disappeared. She’s happy, cancer-free!

MD’s thought this was fungal infection. Found to be squamous cancer. PATIENT REFUSED amputation. Saw Dr L & TREATED SUCCESSFULLY – finger intact! The patient is very happy… Dr L succeeded with his prostate cancer, too!

Physician’s job for decades was amputating patients
cancerous noses at super-duper NYC hospital. He developed nose skin cancer & came to Dr L for fresh 2nd opinion. FOR HIMSELF? The answer is Dr L. Patient declined his own work.

Man convinced he grew 3rd testis, came for fresh 2nd opinion. Dr L diagnosed basal cell cancer. Man insisted on Dr L’s treatment only. complete remission CANCER-FREE 5 YEARS LATER! He’s happy, healthy.

Man with penis lesion seen by many doctors. Penis cancer diagnosis finally made here. Declined amputation elsewhere & chose Dr L’s Radiosurgery. The cancer quickly resolved.