Your Treatment Options

Imagine a new world where radiation can be delivered to the targeted cancer with focused beams having more accurate delivery than standard radiation.

Without the confidence of the immobilization or patient set-up precision afforded by the Stereotactic frame, our experienced staff could not comfortably utilize higher radiation doses and smaller treatment fields.

We capitalize on radiobiologic principals in this manner. This increases the radiation dose the cancer receives potentially producing better cancer control rates in general – only dreamt about before!

It is a new world that opens up many possibilities – higher doses of more focused radiation – controlling cancer better with fewer treatments.

For information about your specific treatment options, please contact us using our contact form. Brochures about our work on brain, body, and prostate cancer treatment, as well as videos are available.

You can contact us at 212-CHOICES or 212-246-4237 to make an appointment with Dr. Lederman. 

Dr. Lederman was the first in America and first in the Western Hemisphere to perform non-invasive body radiosurgery and is one of the most experienced physicians worldwide in Brain and Body Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

Dr L is commonly asked…
“What’s the difference between
Standard Radiation & Radiosurgery?”

He says, “Think of a Plum & Bread Box.“

Picture a plum and a breadbox

If one’s cancer is the size of a plum, why do so many doctors give radiation the size of a bread box?

It means much of your healthy body receives radiation unnecessarily. The revolution of Dr L’s Radiosurgery is that we attack the a cancer while minimizing radiation to the healthy body.

Isn’t that logical & desirable?