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Breast Cancer Treatment is Easy with Dr. Lederman!

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Painless, Non-invasive, Outpatient, Well Tolerated, No Cutting, No Bleeding, Performed in Minutes!

Breast cancer affects more than 200,000 women a year in US. Some have very small cancers which cannot be felt but detected only by mammogram, ultrasound or MRI. Early warning signs include lump in breast/armpit, breast swelling, skin/nipple change & pain.

Some women have inherited cancers. Increased risk occurs in women, increasing age, history of breast abnormalities or cancer in opposite breast, family history, obesity, younger age starting menstruation, older age having first child, never been pregnant & more.

Many come here & learn about innovative treatment options for 1st time. When Dr L 1st came to NY, 97% of women with breast cancer were losing their breast when treated in big hospitals. 90% of women kept their breast when treated by Dr Lederman. WOW! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Many women were never told about non-invasive options till meeting Dr L! Many examples here show before & after photos. For breast cancer info, it’s best to meet Dr Lederman in person for consultation!

Foreshortened & distorted breast & nipple, skin puckered, 4 cm mass in upper right breast with severe pain. Patient declined surgery / chemo. Treated here only by Dr L – now in remission, pain-free, mass is gone! Patient happy!

Had failed lumpectomy for breast cancer. Then chemo & mastectomy, cancer returned in same breast area. Nothing stopped the cancer until Dr L, with our treatment only! Cancer is in remission & patient happy!

Massive left breast cancer spread to axilla (arm pit), eroding through skin with bleeding. Patient declined all chemo & all surgery – wishing only our treatment. Remission after Dr Lederman’s treatment, the bleeding has stopped and the skin has healed! Patient very happy!

4 cm invasive breast cancer. Declined chemo & surgery. Treated here. Now cancer in remission. Doing well!

Man with 5 cm breast cancer, distorted breast & nipple. Chose our treatment only with good results!

2 cm distorting nipple & breast mass with 1 cm axillary node, stage 3. Self detected. Biopsy +. Declined surgery & chemo. After Dr L’s treatment only, no mass, no nipple distortion. Now in remission. Patient happy!

Huge 7 cm breast cancer with 4 cm axillary spread. Declining surgery & chemo. Dr L treated years ago successfully in breast & lymph nodes. Doing well!

4 cm breast cancer with bloody nipple discharge. 2 hospitals advised mastectomy/chemo. Patient declined both. Dr L treated non-invasively & successfully with NO CUTTING, NO BLEEDING, NO CHEMO. NOW in remission. Happy!

4 cm breast mass with marked distortion & shortening. Cancer traveled to lymph nodes. Elsewhere advised chemo/surgery. Patient refused both. Chose Dr L’s treatment. In Remission. Distortion gone. Mass gone. Patient happy!

9 cm fist-sized breast cancer, growing during treatment elsewhere. Here because of failed results. Chose Dr L. Mass gone, breast cancer in remission after Dr L’s treatment. Happy!

Five years of useless, expensive concoctions elsewhere for breast cancer, none worked. Cancer grew through skin to 11 cm. Bleeding &  malodorous. Chose Dr L & now in remission. First successful treatment in 5 years! Very happy!

Woman with 3 cm right, upper, outer breast cancer advised to have chemo/mastectomy elsewhere. – she refused & spent $1000s on  concoctions here & Mexico, didn’t work. Cancer grew with pain. Came to Dr L for 2nd opinion & was treated. Now in remission, doing well! Patient happy!

Had 3 surgeries, 3 failures. Never sent patient to Dr L. Surgery inadequate breast cancer treatment

A woman with breast cancer chose Dr L’s treatment alone. She remains in complete remission! Biopsy negative after treatment.

Missed 4 years mammos. Massive 10 cm cancer, declined chemo/surgery. In remission with Dr L.

8 cm ulcerative, malodorous cancer. Remission after Dr L, treatment only. No chemo, no surgery. Healed & happy!

Breast cancer not responding to concoctions. 7 cm cancer mass with cancer destroying skin & nipple. Declining chemo/surgery. Chose Dr L, & finally in remission. Mass resolved & skin healed. Patient happy!

Inflammatory 15 cm breast cancer. Patient declined chemo/surgery. Sought & accepted Dr L’s treatment. Mass & skin involvement gone. Inflammatory breast cancer in remission! ALL HAPPY!

Patient complained of swollen hand. Dr L found a massive, destructive breast cancer & involving nodes. Patient chose Dr L’s treatment only. NO CHEMO, NO SURGERY. After Dr L’s treatment, there was cancer remission. Nipple & breast reappeared! Swelling of hand & arm resolved as cancer disappeared! Patient is happy! Doctor, too!!!

Woman presented with massive fungating, malodorous, open crater breast cancer. Seen by many doctors, she declined chemo & surgery. Chose Dr L’s treatment only. Pictures & CAT Scans show the dramatic results with Dr L’s treatment. Seen here in pictures & scans before & after treatment.

Fist-sized breast cancer & lymph nodes involved, not sensitive to hormones, declining surgery & chemo, wishing only Dr L’s treatment. After treatment here, patient & breast cancer are in remission. Patient happy!

Patient had 2 cm cancer, declined usual treatment, chose chemo-insulin & concoctions for 3 years, nearly bankrupting family & allowing cancer to grow massively. Sought 2nd opinion with Dr L. Within few treatments cancer shrank & pain disappeared! Patient happy!

Had lumpectomy for breast cancer, but declined all further treatment till cancer recurred massively – 6 cm eroding skin with 3 cm axillary nodes. Received Dr L’s treatment & now in remission with healing of breast! Patient happy!

Paget’s breast cancer grew for 15 years while patient refused chemo /mastectomy. Took useless concoctions. Never worked. Met Dr L for this 12 cm cancer destroying breast & nipple. Finally in remission & happy with Dr L’s treatment only!