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Welcome to Radiosurgery New York​

Innovative Cancer Treatment!

Dr. Lederman first brought Body Radiosurgery to America. He’s treated 10,000’s of patients – nearly every site, size & type of cancer – large and small, primary and metastatic. His experience and expertise is unparalleled.

Radiosurgery offers great appeal: focused treatment allowing greater dose in fewer sessions – producing radiobiologic benefit – even if prior chemo, surgery or radiation didn’t work, isn’t tolerated or isn’t wanted. Fewer treatments in less time offer greater convenience, too!

All Radiosurgery Here is Outpatient

NO  HOSPITALS, NO CUTTING, NO BLEEDING. Radiosurgery takes minutes, is painless, non-invasive and usually very well tolerated. Dr. Lederman performs true, Radiosurgery – attacking cancer like Star Wars!

Our patients continue their life. Avoiding daily CT’s means less radiation. Our patients were often considered untreatable elsewhere. Every person is unique, it’s best to contact Dr. Lederman directly for a fresh second opinion.

Dr Lederman’s Radiosurgery! (Fig. 1)

  • Treatment is focused on the cancer, not the healthy body.
  • Healthy tissue is protected from unnecessary radiation
  • High dose per treatment
  • Radiosurgery in the precision, custom-made Stereotactic Body Frame
  • Few treatments
  • Well tolerated & highly successful attackingtargeted cancer in general
  • Dr Lederman – First in America!

 Standard RT (Fig. 2)

  • Large areas of body receive unnecessary radiation – in front, behind, above, below, to the right, to the left of the cancer – all receive same radiation dose.
  • Low daily doses
  • Weeks and weeks of treatment

Why choose Dr Lederman's Radiosurgery?

Get the Best Results

Avoid Unnecessary Surgery

Avoid Hospital Complications

Seek Less Invasive Treatment

Our Treatment


Brain Tumor Disappears after Dr Lederman's Radiosurgery!

Body Cancer Before & After Radiosurgery

Pancreas Cancer Disappears after Dr Lederman's Radiosurgery!

A view of seeds placed in the prostate.

A view of seeds placed in the prostate.


What our patients say

What our patients are saying!

"Was told 'all prostate procedures are within 5% of being the same.' BALONEY! I opted for The Dr. Gil Lederman approach. Moved to New York and stayed with my awesome brother. So thankful for him."

He's one of more than 5,000 men we've treated with prostate cancer wishing & helping you & your loved ones to get the best possible care.

How cancer is first treated may make a huge difference.

It’s best to meet Dr. Lederman - an investment that may pay handsome dividends!