Body Radiosurgery Gallery

Before and After Dr. Lederman’s Radiosurgery

We custom make a Stereotactic Body Frame just for you. We then localize the cancer in relation to your body and the stereotactic frame with expert physician and physicist guidance. WE THEN HIT THE CANCER! Treatment takes minutes and you’re free to continue your activities! Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery attacks the cancer – like Star Wars – with 1000’s of FOCUSED beams! Our specialty!

Cervix CA After Radiosurgery

Woman, (68), with stage 4 cervix cancer tried standard treatment & alternatives for 3yrs w/progressive CA, pelvic pain & bleeding. Now in remission – no more pain/blood loss – after Dr. L’s focused treatment!!!

Bilateral Lung Cancer, Coughing Blood.

3 Hospitals Sent Patient Home.

Now in Cancer Remission.

Blood Gone After Dr. Lederman’s Radiosurgery

Woman, (80), with stage 4 lung cancer, was told her case was hopeless times 3! Came to Dr. L, learned about all options, chose RS, treated & in remission with blood gone. Patient, husband, & doctor all very happy!