Our Work

Body Radiosurgery Booklet

Each patient is unique. Learning about you is most
important to us. We want you to learn about us, as well.

Body Radiosurgery and Dr. Lederman may well be able to help you. We treat newly diagnosed and recurrent cancers.

Prostate Radiosurgery Booklet

Our goal for each man with localized prostate cancer is cure.  Having tremendous experience and published data means much! Each man is unique and benefits from a meticulous program and treatment. It’s best to meet in person and discuss all issues at length with our physicians.

Brain Radiosurgery Booklet

Our experts who first pioneered Fractionated Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery in the Western Hemisphere were the first to bring Fractionated Brain Radiosurgery to New York! We have tremendous experience treating primary brain tumors and metastatic cancers. This experience is unparalleled.

Skin Radiosurgery Booklet

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in America. 3 million+ each year- 1 in 5 will get skin cancer – 10,000 diagnosed daily. Basal cell cancer has increased by 150% & squamous cell by 250%. Basal & squamous are most common & curable. 10,000 die yearly of melanoma & 5,000 die from non-
melanoma skin cancers.