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Each patient is unique. Learning about you is most
important to us. We want you to learn about us, as well.

Body Radiosurgery and Dr. Lederman may well be able to help you. We treat newly diagnosed and recurrent cancers.

We are often able to treat cancers even when chemo, radiation or surgery has not been successful – or is not tolerated – or is not desired.

Since each person has unique circumstances and desires, meeting with Dr. Lederman, reviewing past medical issues and reports are critical in making treatment options available to you and your loved ones. Our physicians have the knowledge to help many patients.

Radiosurgery appeals because of greater precision, ability to escalate dose and to minimize radiation to healthy tissue.
Because of precision and dose escalation, fewer treatments in
less time often can be  recommended. Radiosurgery produces greater confidence in treatment.

Radiosurgery means fewer doses given. Each treatment has greater intensity – which should mean greater effectiveness.

Learn Radiosurgery advantages with the experience of America’s Radiosurgery Pioneer.

Send Materials for Review